DO NOT PUT GARBAGE BINS ON SNOWBANKS. CARTS SHOULD BE PLACED IN THE DRIVEWAY OR IN A SHOVELED AREA: Do not put garbage bins on snow banks.  Carts should be placed in the driveway or in a shoveled area. Garbage and recycling carts cannot be collected from snow banks since the mechanical arms on the trucks cannot reach up to grab them properly. If the arm grasps the container too low on the body, damage to the wheels may occur. Setting the emptied container back on top of the bank will likely result in the container tipping over onto the sidewalk or the street.


Lynch Avenue Update Week 3

Feaker was able to set another sanitary manhole and relay the sanitary main to 413 Lynch Ave on Monday this week. The remainder of the week was spent installing 8” PVC watermain west from the connection point at William St, to the existing 6” ductile watermain. A 6”x8” reducer, valve and (2) bends were installed at William and Lynch. An 8”x10” cross and (3) valves were added at Lynch Ave and Hershman Ave. The 8” PVC watermain has been installed west to 404 Lynch.


Testing of the watermain east of Hershman Ave is expected to happen Monday (5/16/2022) afternoon. The results of the testing may determine if Feaker will work on sanitary or watermain next week.