Lynch Avenue Update: Environmental Solutions was on site this week spreading and compacting topsoil in the terraces and behind the sidewalks. They are planning to work Monday (9/26/22) to finish any more topsoil, and are planning to spread grass seed on Tuesday (9/27/22). MCC is scheduled to begin fine grading on Monday (9/26/22) with paving to take place on Thursday (9/29/22).  


Lynch Avenue Update Week 7

Feaker has finished all the sanitary main and laterals. I am waiting to get the permission forms from the homeowners at 115 Hershman and 317 Lynch for the pipe bursting. I will contact each of them on Monday; I thought I would give them the weekend to decide. All the water main and services are in; except for the 10” tie-in south of Lynch Ave (waiting on parts) and the new hydrant that is in the same area. Feaker began working on storm sewer yesterday. The have the structures at Lynch Ave and William Ave set, and have installed 18” storm sewer approximately half way between William Ave and Hershman Ave.