Reminder: Please do not place bags of yard waste into the trailer: A message from the Public Works Director: Please do not place bags of yard waste into the trailer provided for grass clippings. There is a garbage can next to the trailer for garbage bags. The farmer that takes the yard waste, does not want bags in the yard waste, and we do not want to abuse or lose the use of this site.


Lynch Avenue Update

Jim Fischer arrived on site this week Wednesday and started to form and poor concrete sidewalk and some driveway aprons West of Hershman Avenue.  The sidewalk on St. Claude has been poured and most of the sidewalk on Lynch Avenue from St. Claude to Hershman Avenue has been poured on both the North and South side of Lynch Avenue.  The crew did start to form up the sidewalk East of Hershman Avenue, but not sidewalk has been poured East of Hershman Avenue.

Next week Jim Fischer Concrete plans on continuing with driveway pours and try to finish up the sidewalk East of Hershman Avenue through where there are driveways so they can pour in the driveways after the sidewalk has been placed.

If you have any questions please let me know.