DO NOT PUT GARBAGE BINS ON SNOWBANKS. CARTS SHOULD BE PLACED IN THE DRIVEWAY OR IN A SHOVELED AREA: Do not put garbage bins on snow banks.  Carts should be placed in the driveway or in a shoveled area. Garbage and recycling carts cannot be collected from snow banks since the mechanical arms on the trucks cannot reach up to grab them properly. If the arm grasps the container too low on the body, damage to the wheels may occur. Setting the emptied container back on top of the bank will likely result in the container tipping over onto the sidewalk or the street.


A Message from the Brown County Highway Department

The Brown County Highway Department will be fully deployed for the storm tonight into tomorrow morning.  Overnight (5 pm to 3 am) we will have 20 plows out.  At 3 AM we will have 44 plows, 6 graders, and one 1962 ten-ton V-plow deployed (Towns we plow – Eaton, Holland, & Wrightstown – are part of the 44 plows).

With the expected winds and snow amounts, it may not be enough to keep all the rural county highways open through the night, but we will do our best.  We will not be available to help the non-contracted snow removal municipalities, except for emergencies. 

Any emergency that takes place on any road in the county where access is needed for Fire/Rescue/Sheriff – please go through dispatch (911) and we will do our best to respond as fast as possible to clear a route.

Our 24/7 on-call superintendent number is (920) 391-4699.

Paul Fontecchio, P.E.

Highway Commissioner

Brown County

Office:   (920) 662-2170

[email protected]