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Daybreak Neighborhood Park is a recently developed small park of approximately 4 acres. It features a gravel walking trail, a gazebo, a  playground area, an off-street parking lot,  a future shelter with restrooms, and possibly a basketball court. The trail also should eventually be asphalted.

This neighborhood park has a planned (not yet constructed) public demonstration area (north end of park) that include a Children's Garden, Butterfly Garden, Wildlife Garden and a Rain garden.

There is a windmill with a pond aeration system in the southern part of the park. All of these features were designed to show residents how to deal with storm water run-off concerns.

There originally were extensive/unique plantings around the storm water retention pond that were mowed/cut to reduce maintenance time/cost. A plan to introduce "signage" along the walking trails to identify the various plants within the park was also developed but still remainst to be implemented.

The public works crew routinely maintains the storm water retention pond to remove trash from the water and trap muskrats.