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The Village proposed this 7.03 acre park for acquisition/development back in June 1994. It has since been acquired and a baseball sports facility has been constructed at this site. A local fundraiser collected $31,000 in cash and with the help of volunteers and funding from the VIllage of Denmark an $80,000 bathroom/concession/scorer's stand with a fenced baseball diamond was constructed.

A portion of the site is over an old village landfill site (Liecense #0054) that has been formally closed by the Department of Natural Resources. Testing wells were installed and the site monitored. A group of citizens (Denmark Youth Baseball) expressed an interest in adding lighting to the field.. They borrowed funds and raised monies through a fund drive. They successfully put together the necessary funds and have installed new 80 foot tall poles with lights.

The ball park consumes the majority of available acres, however, there is a small amount of acreage remaining to the south of the ball field that was lanscaped in the summer of 2003 and trees were planted along Diamond Ridge Circle. A trail from Highridge/Diamond RIdge was constructed to link this park to the upper picnic area in Memorial Park over to the Schools Nature preserve area.

The Village of Denmark and the Denmark School District share the responsiblity for the maintenance of this park. Details of this agreement:

Highridge Park Cooperative Agreement