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Frequently Asked Questions regarding connection to the CBCWA and water softening

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) relating to the Village of Denmark’s connection to CBCWA and water softening are as follows:

Q. When will the connection take place?

A. The plan is to connect by September 2023.

Q. Where will my water come from?

A. Lake Michigan is the source of CBCWA drinking water. It is treated and pumped by Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) in Manitowoc, Wisconsin through a 65 mile long pipeline to each member community.

Q. What does CBCWA purchased water from Manitowoc, sourced from Lake Michigan, mean to residents?

A. Because of the abundance of water available from Lake Michigan, CBCWA member water utility users will not have to worry about shortages or potential water bans or curtailment of use that can put groundwater based utility systems at risk. In addition, water quality meets all state and federal water quality standards.

Q. Do I need to use a water softening system?

A. Determining if you need a water softener is a personal preference. The hardness or softness level of water is determined by the amount and type of minerals found in it. The groundwater provided by the Village has a hardness level of 433 ppm, or 25 grains.  The water provided to the communities by Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) has a typical hardness level of 130 ppm, or 7.6 grains. For many consumers, the water provided by MPU meets their softness requirements. Some consumers like to have softer water and choose to install a water softening unit. Again, it’s personal preference and completely up to the individual consumer. Important reminder: If you have a water softener and plan on not using it, remember to put the unit into bypass mode.