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PLEASE NO ASH in Waste Carts!  The Village’s trash and recycling contractor encountered ash in a trash cart, which caused a fire and damage to their truck.    


Do not put hot coals or ashes in your carts as they can start a fire! 

Hot ashes or coals can cause severe burns and fire damage to properties. Follow these safety measures when disposing of them:

  • Use metal cans no more than 30 gallons in size with tight-fitting metal lids.
  • Fill cans with hot ashes only halfway so they cool quickly and are light in weight.
  • Secure metal lids on cans to prevent spread of sparks or embers.
  • Check, stir, and water ash cans for several days until completely cool.
  • Avoid adding hot coals on top of cool coals by using a set of cans that can be used sequentially.
  • Check to be sure that ashes are completely cool before placing them in your trash cart.