Police Services

Police services for the Village of Denmark are provided by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.  Two officers currently serve the Village of Denmark, who actively patrol and provide coverage to the village.  Currently there is one Directed Enforcement Officer (DEO), Deputy Hayden Estano, who is able to provide the flexibility to mold the position to the needs of the village, community and special events.

All officers have direct access to the resources of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.  The village has continuous coverage even when the Village Deputies are not available, with the assistance of other Brown County Sheriff’s Deputies.

-If you have an emergency please call 911.


**For non-emergency calls or to speak with an officer, please call (920)391-7450


-If you would like to submit an anonymous tip or report, please utilize Crime Stoppers

or online at:

**Online crime tips are monitored from M-F 8a - 4p. If your tip needs immediate attention, please contact Brown County Sheriff's Office non-emergency line for assistance (920)391-7450.


Departmental personnel include:

  • DEO I Hayden Estano
  • DEO I Jeremiah Rusk
  • Crossing Guard Bill Kane
  • Alternate
Brown County Denmark DEO's statistics Report

The Brown County Sheriff's Department serves the Village in the following ways:

  • Investigates burglary, thefts, arson, vice narcotics, sexual assaults/abuse, juvenile matters, traffic enforcement and other state, county and municipal laws as required.
  • Reporting and investigation of all traffic accidents.
  • Handles initial investigations of crimes or criminal activity and completes all proper reports.
  • Files criminal complaints with the District Attorney's office.
  • Renders and provides assistance to those who live, work or visit the Village. This includes the investigation of problems that citizens encounter such as lock-out of homes, checking businesses for open doors and windows, checking of private residences while residents are on vacation or away, assisting motorists with directions and solutions to vehicle mechanical problems, searching for lost children, providing animal control and mediating disputes between citizens in an ongoing effort to maintain a peaceful environment.
  • Assists with the operation of the Denmark Municipal Court.

If there is a vehicle lock out you need to contact Auto Lock Out at 920-465-9390 for those instances when it is discovered that the vehicle's keys have been inadvertently locked in the vehicle.

Animal Control

Dogs are not allowed within Veterans Memorial Park, however they are allowed on the Devil's River State Recreation Trail. All dogs are required to be licensed while cats are not. In accordance with Village ordinance only two (2) dogs can be kept on any residentially zoned lot/parcel and, again, only two (2) dogs can be kept within any residential rental complex. Any dog at large (off of the owner's premises) must be controlled by the owner with the means of a leash or other personal attention that will reasonably control the conduct and actions of the animal.

No person who has custody of a dog shall walk or escort such animal off the private property of the owner or custodian unless said person is in possession of equipment to clean up any defecation which may be deposited by the animal.

Lost dogs that have been captured by either the Police or by a private citizen should be turned in to the Northeast Wisconsin Veterinarian Service located at 135 Broadway Street, Denmark, WI. 863-8007. Any/all boarding fees will be assessed against the owner(s) of the animal.

Stray or Feral Cats in the Village

The Village Board has endorsed Cats Anonymous to use a method called TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) to help control the number of stray or feral cats in the Village. Cats Anonymous works with 5 other municipalities using the TNR method.

Definition of TNR:

  • A non-lethal sterilization method to reduce the numbers of feral cats in the environment both immediately and for the long-term.
  • A comprehensive, ongoing program in which stray and feral cats already living outdoors are humanely trapped, vaccinated, and sterilized.
  • Kittens and tame (stray) cats are placed with adoption groups.
  • Healthy adult cats too feral to be adopted are returned to their familiar habitat under the lifelong care of a caretaker.
  • Cats that are ill or injured beyond recovery are not returned to the environment .
  • Cats are left ear tipped (according to international protocol) for identification purposes.

Benefits of Trap-Neuter-Return

  • The breeding cycle stops
  • The cats are healthy and vaccinated
  • reduces annoying behaviors
  • the cats roam less
  • The colony size decreases over time
  • Tax savings-resources
  • Rat abatement
  • More humane
  • Citizen support/colony management

Why TNR is effective:

  • Long-term impact on feral population due to caretaker monitoring
  • Colonies monitored-new arrivals trapped when identified
  • Citizen support results in more cats being reported to animal control
  • Utilizes volunteer resources-which provides support for animal control

Contact Cats Anonymous at (920) 321-1967 or www.CatsAnonymous.org
Local contact for the Village is Vicki Becker (920) 863-8709.

Wisconsin internet Crimes Against Children

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