Public Works

Streets and Roads

The Public Works Department is responsible for operating and maintaining nearly twenty-six (26) miles of Village streets. Village staff is responsible for:

  • Pothole repairs
  • Street sweeping
  • Street sign maintenance
  • Crosswalk and curb painting
  • Snow removal and ice control
  • Curbside brush chipping
  • Parking space painting
  • Loose leaf and garden waste pick-up in both the spring and fall
  • Cutting grass on all Village property

Staff maintains a fleet of vehicles and equipment that is used in the day-to-day operation and carrying out of its responsibilities as well as all municipal facilities.

In addition to operating and maintaining village streets, equipment and facilities Public Works staff maintains all park and open space areas. Typically summer activities include tasks such as keeping parks, etc. litter free, maintaining the wading pool, clipping weeds, maintaining the ball diamonds (Highridge, the Upper diamond and the Lower diamond) and assisting citizens to set up for festivals, parades, Village-wide events, etc.

There are many roads in the Village that are not maintained by Village staff. Any county trunk highway that runs through the Village is maintained by the Brown County Highway Department; such trunks include: Interstate 43, CTH R, CTH KB (DePere Road, Main Street and Wisconsin Avenue), and CTH T (N. Wall Street) are all county highways that pass through the Village. State Highway 96 which connects to the west side of the Village is the responsibility of both the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Brown County Highway Department.

Solid Waste and Recycling

GFL (Green For Life) has been contracted by the Village of Denmark to collect residential trash and recyclables. Village partially funded residential pick up services are provided to single-family residents and apartments with three (3) or less rental units. Businesses and the owners of larger residential units must contact a trash hauler to arrange for either individual pick up service or for a dumpster.

GFL provides a green eighteen (18) gallon recycling bin to help property owners to contain their recyclables. New residents to the Village (in those cases where the former property owner/renter did not leave the bin behind) should contact the Village Hall, 118 E. Main Street, 863-6400 to request a bin. Residents are allowed to put out a maximum of five (5) thirty (30) gallon trash bags each week. Trash and recylables are picked up by GFL every Tuesday and - trash and recycling need to be set out by 6:00 a.m. on the day of to ensure that their trash is picked up.

Each week you will put out bagged household trash and recycling products to the curbside area of the residence. A schedule of pick up services for the 2022 calendar year is available at the Village Hall outlining the specific dates of pick up and which week is for which type of recycling is being collected. Each year a new schedule for pick-ups will be made available at the Village Hall.

For reference, the commingle products include clean glass, glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans which should be placed loose in the eighteen (18) gallon provided bin.

Paper products include paper bags, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, etc. and should be placed in paper sacks, bundled or in cardboard boxes no larger than twenty (20) gallons.

The Village does not have the available facilities, equipment or staff to handle the pick-up of small bulky materials/items such as chairs, television sets, microwaves, etc. or large bulky items such as white goods, couches, etc. Those having such items should contact GFL at 1-888-895-8696. These particular items are processed at the company's transfer Station, Outagamie County Department of Solid Waste/Recycling .

No bulky items are to be placed curbside until the day scheduled for pick up. Residents who place such items curbside earlier or leave such items at curbside for more than twenty-four (24) hours will be charged $80.00 per hour (minimum one hour) per Village employee plus dumping fees for this "value-added" Village service.

Pickup and disposal of all items containing Freon must be scheduled by the resident with GFL and the resident is responsible for all costs.

Latex and solvent-based paint products can cause harm to the environment and should be taken to the Brown County Landfill drop off site which is located at 2561 South Broadway in the Village of Ashwaubenon, WI (just off Highway 172).

Appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, washing machines and dryers as well as tires should be taken either to the transfer Station located at 3734 Mason Road in Oneida, WI (490-2706) located two (2) miles past the technical college going west on Hwy. 54 (W. Mason) or you should contact GFL with any questions at 1-888-895-8696. Finally, materials from major remodeling or demolition activities should also be taken to the Brown County Landfill drop off site (920 832-5277).

Brush Chipping, Compost and Yard Waste Site

The Village of Denmark is offering a trailer located at 400 Mahlik Lane to Village residents to drop off their yard waste and leaves. Vehicles are able to turn around in the parking lot in the gated area without calling to get through the gate. This site is restricted to unbagged yard waste and leaves. Yard waste is defined as grass clippings, leaves, garden and flower bed waste material that is not "woody" in structure. . Do not drop off brush, raspberry/blackberry trimmings, bushes, trash, furniture or other items. Commercial use of this site is prohibited.  The site is monitored under video surveillance. GFL Disposal should be contacted for bulk item pick up.

2022 Brush Chipping

Brush chipping is the last Thursday of each month from April to November. On brush pick-up day, the cut end of the branches should be placed facing the curb. November is the last month for brush chipping and will be on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022.

When placing materials out for collection residents MUST observe the following rules/guidelines:

  • Brush up to three (3) inches in diameter is acceptable in lengths no greater than twelve (12) feet.
  • Brush up to six (6) inches in diameter is acceptable in lengths no greater than eight (8) feet.
  • Brush greater than six (6) inches in diameter cannot be accepted at the curb. Larger brush including stumps remain the sole responsibility of the resident/homeowner.
  • Avoid cutting brush shorter than needed as fewer pieces mean less handling and less time for the Village crew.
  • Do not put brush at the curb any sooner than one (1) week prior to the collection day.
  • Brush must be at the curb prior to the Thursday that brush is scheduled to be picked up. Brush not at the curb by the time the Village crew come past will be left until the next scheduled pick up or residents will be billed separately for the crew to come back at a later day different from regular pick up days.
  • Lawn wastes (grass, leaves and garden materials) will not be picked up. These materials need to be taken to the Village-designated compost drop site at 400 Mahlik Lane, there is a trailer for residents to drop off yard waste and leaves. Yard waste is defined as grass clippings, leaves, garden and flower bed waste material that is not "woody" in structure. Do not drop off brush, raspberry/blackberry trimmings, bushes, trash, furniture or other items.
  • The clearing of brush on lots for the intent to build or sell said lot will not be picked up. The intent of the Village pick up is to provide for the disposal of brush generated as a result of routine yard maintenance. If excessive amounts of brush are placed at the curb, the pick up of such brush can be refused or a fee will be charged for the Village picking it up. Entire trees cut down remain the homeowner's responsibility to both remove and clean up.
2022 Spring Yard Waste Pick-up

Spring curbside pick-up of leaves, grass clippings, and garden waste will begin on
April 4, 2022 and will end on May 6, 2022 on Mondays and Fridays. Residents MUST observe the following rules/guidelines when placing such materials out for collection:

  • Waste material should be placed within five (5) feet of the curb. If there is excess material it should be placed in a windrow along the curb. Such a procedure assists the Village crew to be more efficient and allows them to pick up more in one (1) day.
  • Bagged grass, leaves and garden wastes will not be picked up. The resident/homeowner remains responsible for taking the material to the Village-designated compost drop site at 400 Mahlik Lane, there is a trailer for residents to drop off yard waste and leaves. Yard waste is defined as grass clippings, leaves, garden and flower bed waste material that is not "woody" in structure. Do not drop off brush, raspberry/blackberry trimmings, bushes, trash, furniture or other items.

There will also be a fall curbside collection of loose leaves, grass clippings and garden wastes which will commence in mid-October and continues through mid-November. Leaf collection is planned for Mondays and Fridays of each week during this time period. The material should be placed at the curb (not in the street) in separate piles and should not be commingled with branches or garbage. Bagged material or commingled material will not be collected by the Village crew. If residents wish to bag their yard waste, it remains their responsibility for such disposal.

Brush, shrubs, trees and Christmas trees

Brush, shrubs, trees, branches and Christmas trees are to be placed curbside with the larger/biggest ends facing the curb. These above listed materials are picked up the last Thursday of each month on a year-round basis. Residents/homeowners should not place such items at the curb any earlier than a few days prior to the scheduled pick up date.

Should there be any questions regarding any of the above material residents/homeowners should contact Erika Thronson at (920) 362-7982, or the Village Hall at 863-6400. Village residents and homeowners will be notified prior to such pick-up times through their quarterly utility bills, notification being posted at the Village Hall and an article placed in the local newspaper.

Storm Water Collection

The Village's storm sewers drain directly into the Denmark Creek which eventually drains into the Neshota River and then into the Twins River before ultimately draining out into Lake Michigan with no treatment. Residents/homeowners are urged not to dump paint, fertilizer, grass clippings, yard wastes or any other waste products into street drains. All developers and contractors MUST put up silt fencing around construction projects that result in soil run-offs.

All properties within the Village of Denmark contribute to the utility in an amount proportional to the run-off contributed by each particular parcel. This utility fee is a user fee charged to all developed properties within the Village of Denmark. In this way, everyone pays their "fair share" of the cost associated with storm water management.

Simply put, a storm water utility is a program that manages rain water, snow melt and run-off. The purpose of the storm water utility is to reduce:

  • The amount of sediments and pollutants that run into the Neshota River.
  • The chance of storm water getting into the sanitary sewer system.
  • The erosion of land.
  • The possibility of water damage to both homes and businesses.

The federal government through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) REQUIRE that all local governments comply with their regulations regarding storm water. One (1) of the visible outcomes of both the EPA and DNR requirements is the construction of detention ponds throughout the Village of Denmark. Such subdivisions as Daybreak Estates, Diamond Ridge Estates, Dane Haven and Danish Meadows were all required to build such retention ponds.

To fully comply with these federal and state requirements/regulations as well as raise the necessary funds in order for such compliance the Village created a Storm Water Utility and began collecting fees to plan, construct and maintain existing and future storm water facilities which include:

  • Retention/detention ponds
  • Ditches
  • Storm sewers
  • Roads
  • Waterways

Guidelines For Snow Plowing and Ice Control For the Village of Denmark