Village Board

Simply stated, our Village government exists to serve our community. As part of our overall municipal service, we frequently review both the quality as well as the appropriateness of our municipal services to ensure that they meet many of the needs of the Village. The governing Board and Village staff strive to provide the services the Village needs and wants at a reasonable price. In addition, we seek to engage citizens in a variety of ways to assist in guiding our actions and to improve the overall quality of life for the residents, businesses and visitors.

The Village of Denmark provides an array of services that include both those well-known, standard services such as police and fire/EMS protection, clean water, garbage and recycling collection, municipal court, snow plowing of streets, both park and recreational opportunities as well as a number of perhaps lesser known services such as advice on tree management, notary public service, voter registration, police school liaison duties, street sweeping, street sign maintenance, curbside brush chipping, loose leaf and garden waste pick-up, crosswalk/curb painting, used oil collection, storm water collection, sewage treatment as well as several others.

While not all such services are utilized equally by the residents and businesses located within the Village, these municipal services are structured to meet the overall needs of the community in accordance with those policy guidelines established by the Village's elected or appointed officials. The Village adjusts the types and levels of such municipal services in order to maintain both their overall efficiency and effectiveness and in order to continue to strive to improve the overall quality of life within the community.

The legislative body of the Village of Denmark is the Village Board of Trustees which consists of a Village President and six (6) Village Trustees elected for overlapping two (2)-year terms. Regular meetings of the Board are held on the first and third (if needed) Monday of each month commencing at 4:30 p.m.; Special Board meetings are held at such times as the Board may direct. In the event that a regularly scheduled Board meeting date falls on a legal holiday, such meeting shall normally be rescheduled to the following Monday (second Monday of the month). All meetings are open to the public. The Village President shall preside at such meetings and shall:

Preserve order and decorum; Decide all questions of order; and, Conduct the proceedings of the meetings in accordance with the parliamentary rules contained in "Robert's Rules of Order".

The current Village Board of Trustees includes:

Village President

Susan Selner

645 Danish Way

Phone: 863-6821

4/2023-2 yr. term


Leah Goral

821 Woodrow Street

Phone: 609-0153

4/2023-2 yr. term


Deb Kralovetz

441 Danish Way

Phone: 609-8854

4/2024-2 yr. term


Josh Leiterman

466 Grand Avenue

Phone: 680-7806

4/2023-2 yr. term


Vince Wertel

491 Jacob Drive

Phone: 863-2680

4/2024 2 yr. term


Mary Jo Bielinski

410 West Woodrow Court

Phone: 863-5013

4/2023-2 yr. term


Jim Steffek

450 Grand Avenue

Phone: 609-4419

4/2024-2 yr. term